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Reducing Unnecessary Pediatric Radiation Exposure in Children                 

Posting expires on 10/31/2017

Research Site:
University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital

Type of Research:

Emergency Medicine

This opportunity has a stipend.


We are interested in conducting a retrospective evaluation of our approach to the diagnosis of neck injury. Evidence has shown no increase in pediatric c-spine injuries despite a sharp rise in CT scanning. Furthermore, this study is using a QI methodology (best practice alert) to change provider culture and utilize control charts to monitor our interventions.

A cross-collaborative grant between Pediatric Emergency Medicine and the School of Public health has been awarded, IRB approval has been granted, data is in the process of being collected, and we are interested in adding study personnel to meet our recruitment goals. Based on effort and attention to detail, contributors will also be added as authors.

The stipend will be provided in an hourly wage.

Please email Dan Nerheim at if this opportunity piques your interest.


Posted on 10/25/2017