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Research in malaria, iron deficiency, sickle cell disease and child neurodevelopment                 

Posting expires on 12/30/2018

Research Site:
Makerere University

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This opportunity does not have a stipend.

Chandy John Lab

The John Lab is a collaborative research group that conducts research at the University of Minnesota and in Uganda (with Makerere University) and Kenya (with the Kenya Medical Research Institute and Maseno University).

The John Lab focuses on five major problem areas in malaria:
1) the relationship of changing transmission conditions to the development of immunity in malaria
2) environmental predictors of malaria risk in epidemic-prone areas
3) the pathogenesis of severe malaria, with a particular focus on how the immune response to malaria relates to long-term neurologic and cognitive impairment in children with severe malaria
4) the interaction between iron deficiency and malaria
5) risk of malaria in children with sickle cell disease

A full list of our studies and details on the studies is available on our website

We have a long history of providing rewarding research rotations to interested medical students from the University of Minnesota and several other universities. We also provide training to undergraduate, Masters and doctoral students in several disciplines, including epidemiology, immunology and neuropsychology. Many Ugandan and Kenyan students work with our group , so students have a chance to work in a very active research environment, with students from many disciplines and areas, and to receive training and mentorship from outstanding Ugandan and Kenyan faculty members.

Doris Duke and Fogarty fellowships can be applied for by students seeking a full year experience on site. 

1) Minimum 4 month research rotation commitment
2) Ability to work well independently
3) Ability to get along well with others and work well in different cultural settings
4) Ability to improvise and generate new solutions when things don't work out as planned
5) Past research experience, including some experience in statistical analysis, is helpful, but is not an absolute requirement

What we provide:
1) An outstanding research experience
2) In-depth orientation
3) Housing, and help with obtaining grants or other funds to cover other expenses
4) Students who wish to do a one-year rotation can apply for Doris Duke or Fogarty fellowships (see website)

Chandy John ccj-at-umn-dot-edu
Molly McCoy mccoy019-at-umn-dot-edu

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Posted on 12/20/2013