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Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Research on Cortical Spreading Depression                 

Posting expires on 11/17/2017

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This opportunity does not have a stipend.

Dr. David Darrow and his team in the Department of Neurosurgery at the UMN and HCMC are looking for a student to help with clinical research for patients suffering from severe traumatic brain injury at HCMC.

The project is focused on determining the role of Cortical Spreading Depression in worsening TBI outcomes. The current project will use platinum grids placed on the surface of the brain during emergent surgeries, which will record brain activity during the patient's stay in the intensive care unit.

We will develop algorithms for detecting the cortical spreading depressions in addition to seizures. The student will have a significant role in the project but the experience will be tailored to their motivation and experience.

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(optional) Here is a challenging but detailed article if you want to read more:

Posted on 11/17/2016